The evolution is a wild ride

Early Days – Outgoing and determined girl from the Show Me State. Car crash derails athletic scholarship. Fearlessly left the wrong guy, embarked on an LA journey. Broke but unstoppable, mastering high-profile restaurant biz. Rediscovered passion for technology, driven by fierce determination.

Settling Down – Met my husband and moved to Dallas. Corporate job got my tech groove back. Married and mom life softened my edges. Then my best friend’s accident made me even more cautious. I overloaded on caregiving and forgot myself.

Stepping Up – Quit my bigtime job when I figured out, I was being used. I started my own business using sheer grit and instincts to prove myself in business. I faced setbacks and criticism but persevered, building something great. My control freak tendencies almost cost me.

Fearless Pivot -Heart attack opened my eyes. Used tech momentum post pandemic to fuel business growth, stumbling at first before finding my footing. A new relationship opened doors to what I didn’t know I needed – Working alongside an esteemed engineer, I shared the huge problem around women in business. We solved it –

I get to help women, at scale, capitalize this historic point in time. I’m fearless again.

Now I’m committed to flipping the status quo on its head, using my nontraditional experiences to empower women through technology. Because women united are power.